12pc Color Multiliner SP Set Brush Small

Multiliner SP inking pens are pigment-based, and provide the highest quality for all your inking needs. Ink cartridges and replacement nibs are available so you never need to throw these durable aluminum bodied pens away.?ÿ
This set contains all 12 Multiliner SP colors in a Brush Small replaceable nib: Red, Purple, Pink, Wine, Sepia, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Olive, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Cool Gray
Multiliner SP Features:
  • Pigment-based inking pens
  • Refillable with SP refill cartridges
  • Black 10 sizes - including 0.03mm thru brush
  • Colored Multiliner SP's in 12 colors and two nib sizes
  • Aluminum body
  • Waterproof & archival
  • Compatible with Copic Markers
  • Photocopy safe?ÿ

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